Meet the

Thomas Francart

Founder and CEO of Sparna, Thomas is a recognized expert in ontology management and knowledge organization systems and their integration with linguistic analysis tools, search engines and knowledge graph databases.

He has been working with web of data technologies for the past 20 years, such as RDF, OWL, SKOS, SHACL or SPARQL, thesauri, ontologies, taxonomies and Java/J2EE architectures.

A talented trainer, he has been running courses on ontologies and web of data for the past 15 years at ADBS, CNRS, INHA, INIST, Ouest France, ISSN, UENSCO, Huma-Num and many others. He knows how to bridge the gap between technological aspects, integration into IT systems, and business challenges.

He is an appointed technical expert for large international organisations such as the Office of Publications of the European Union for the ELI initiative (European Legislation Identifier), the European Parliament for their open data portal and the WTO.

You can learn more by reading its detailled résumé in French.


Jorge Aquino Sanchez

A data analyst with 20 years' experience, Jorge is involved in a wide range of projects at Sparna, from application development in Java and Python, process automation and SQL or Sparql query implementation, to data quality management and Oracle and/or GraphDB database management. After 15 years of experience in ETL tools (Extract/Transform/Load) in banking and insurances, Jorge is involved since 2020 in a wide range of projects at Sparna, all involving semantic data. He works both on the development of applications in Java and Python, such as SHACL Play, on data migration to semantic web formats, quality controls, and management in databases such as GraphDB.

Curious to learn and keen to provide customer satisfaction, he is committed to continuous improvement, and each new project is an opportunity for him to update his knowledge graph publishing skills.

Mainly involved on data migration for the European Parliament open data portal, he takes pleasure to learn in a variety of IT environments, drawing on his knowledge and perfecting his application of rules, standards, methodologies and the use of tools such as SHACL, SPARQL, XSLT - among other technologies!


Marie Muller

Ontologist, terminologist and documentalist, Marie is particularly interested in the contributions of knowledge graphs to the field of library and documentation.

Previously coordinator and expert in documentary languages, repositories and standards for over 10 years in the service of a public operator, she specialized in the field of data standardization. At Sparna she now works on the creation and structuration of knowledge information systems for our clients. She has been involved in particular on the CORDIS european portal, and for ADEME.

Passionate about information technology and always on the lookout for the (meta)data, open data and linked data that are the "new soil" of our digital world, she is also a member of the program committee for SemWebPro, the annual french conference for Semantic Web professionals.